Marijuana Wax For Sale Online. Marijuana wax is a form of hash oil concentrate (or just “concentrate”) often produced using a process known as butane hash oil extraction. If those terms are foreign to you, don’t worry. We’ll explain them in the next section.
For now, it’s enough to know that marijuana wax got its name because, in its final form, it looks like earwax or, more appetizingly, thick honey. Now before you get grossed out by its appearance, look back at the first sentence in this section. Notice that wax is a concentrate. What does that mean? It means that wax contains more THC than your traditional marijuana (sometimes 80% or more). Are you starting to see the appeal?
Marijuana wax is most commonly made through a process known as butane extraction. Traditional marijuana buds are packed into a tube or pipe and then butane—more commonly known as lighter fluid—is forced through the contents.Marijuana Wax For Sale Online.  Thanks to some really complicated and technical sciency stuff that we don’t need to be concerned with, the butane bonds with the THC in the buds and essentially pulls it from the plants. The butane is then allowed to evaporate and the resulting concentrate is an oily substance aptly called butane hash oil.

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