10 Purple Bud Seeds


10 Purple Bud Seeds

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Plant type Feminized
Sativa or Indica 75% – 25%
THC Level High at 17%
CBD (Medical) Medium
Height Compact (50/80 cm – 20″/32″)
Yield Medium
Flowering period Average (64 days)
Climate Average / land climate
Good for Indoor- Medical
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Buy Purple Bud Seeds

Buy Purple Bud Seeds. This is a high-potency- heavy-yielding feminized Afghani with a hint of Sativa and a strong purple tendency. Purple Bud Feminized is easy to cultivate indoors- even for beginners- and will flourish outdoors in the spring and summer of a temperate climate.

Purple Bud feminized is bred from some of the most important cannabis gene-pools in the world. Her parents and ancestors can be traced directly to the legendary Indica cultivars of Afghanistan’s Hindu Kush region- to the California medicinal marijuana scene and- naturally- to Europe’s weed-breeding epicentre- the Netherlands. Buy Purple Bud Seeds

Two pure Afghanica cultivars are the main influence behind Purple Bud Feminized- and are the source of this hybrid’s high potency- swift flowering- dense buds and sturdy frame. The more distant Sativa ancestor is a sought-after Jamaican variety which gives Purple Bud a little extra height and a lot of extra high to complement her body-centred

Indica stone. The final stage in the breeding of our all-female Purple Bud seed-strain was to cross this 75% Afghani with a stunning Kush hybrid made from Dutch-bred Hindu Kush and a US purple Kush.

Buy Purple Bud Seeds. Purple Bud’s purple colours are most commonly seen in her flowers- not just in the leaves (as is often the case for cannabis strains where the purple tendency is weaker). While her leaves often change colour as well- it’s not uncommon to see Purple Bud Feminized finish with green leaves that serve to accentuate her deep purple buds.

Buds of the mature plant are thick- solid and spiky with great expansion- covering a majority of stem and branches by harvest time. Her purple floral clusters are thickly frosted with sparkling resin glands and possess a rich pine-sandalwood aroma with sweet undertones.

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