White Widow

White Widow



TYPE: Hybrid 60% Sativa and 40% Indica

THC: Around 19%

APPEARANCE: White Widow is visually magnificent. Its buds are perfectly dense and so trichome covered they look as if they are coated in sugar.

SMELL: Very pungent fresh smell that has a piney- lemony and earthy scent.

BEST FOR TREATING: Stress- Insomnia- Depression and Migraines

CREATED FEELINGS: Very uppity energetic high that is great for daytime smoking- minimal body effects

DURATION: Strong high that usually lasts 2 hours

SIMILAR STRAIN: Super Silver Haze

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Buy White Widow Marijuana Online

Buy White Widow Marijuana Online- White Widow is a Hybrid marijuana strain. Popular in Amsterdam coffee shops and famous for its white trichomes- this strain is perfect for unwinding. With Indica effects and high THC content- this strain will leave you feeling happy and relaxed. White Widow is a 1990s hybrid that’s only gaining in popularity. It’s no surprise- either. This strain is famous for its potent- yet very well-balanced high. The THC content of this strain can reach up to 25%.

Buy White Widow Marijuana Online a hybrid strain that many have been familiar with since the early 90’s. This strain has global popularity and can easily be found atop a menu at almost any Amsterdam coffee shop. The prevalence of White Widow has greatly increased due to the television show Weeds and references within the rap industry. This strain holds a pretty balanced 60:40 sativa/indica ratio ( Brazil Sativa x South Indian Indica) that leads one to a cognitive driven high with a relaxing undertone. Patients will opt for White Widow if they’re seeking a strain that allows them to unwind and relax while still maintaining a sense of mental awareness.

This strain is especially good for depression- stress- pain- and PTSD. White Widow gets its name from the fact that it is literally blanketed in white crystals. Beware though- this sweet sugary smoke starts out light but expands dramatically which can lead to heavy coughing; especially if you’re a novice smoker. When it comes to smell- you can expect a citrus and peppery scent that is accompanied by a lemony aftertaste. This strain is perfect for outdoor activities like hanging out at the beach or taking a nice walk.

White Widow Experience

Buy White Widow Marijuana Online
White Widow has been popular among Amsterdam coffee shops since the 1990s. Though a Netherland’s native- this strain quickly traveled across the pond to North America. A Sativa-dominant hybrid- White Widow is a cross between a Brazillian heirloom strain and an Indian Indica.

Get ready for a truly pleasant experience with White Widow. Uplifting- energetic- and creative this strain cultivates an almost psychedelic headspace. Yet- you’ll still have plenty of wherewithal for engaged and intimate conversation. Recreational consumers will appreciate the sociability of this strain- as well as the expansive mood it cultivates.

As a well-balanced hybrid- this strain also comes with a healthy dose of full-body relaxation. Though this strain is often thought to be more mental than physical- you’re likely to feel your muscles loosen up. Many White Widow fans enjoy the light body numbness that this hybrid produces. Though this strain is energizing- the Indica heritage adds calmness to an otherwise cerebral high.

Medical Benefits of White Widow

Buy White Widow Marijuana Online
Medical marijuana consumers have many reasons to love this strain. In fact- the high THC content in this bud may be responsible for the wide variety of medical effects.

    • Patients have found it to be helpful with everything from PMS to mood disorders to Crohn’s Disease
    • This typically contains between 18 and 25% of the psychoactive THC- but this can also make it an effective anti-inflammatory
  • This strain can also be useful for treating insomnia

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